Ministry Highlights

Kizza Jovin was married. His dad, Ssebanja Henry, the first man on the left, has started a church in Mbirizi, Uganda. Kizza just graduated from Masaka Baptist College and is working with the founding missionary, Keith Stensaas, in a village mentoring and assistance ministry.
Charles took Kisojo/Kisaaka girls to a purity conference in Entebbe.
Some Masaka teens also attended.
Coloring sheet introducing the children’s Bible class held in Kisojo/Kisaaka throughout the month of January.  There were three classes per week and twenty-seven people were saved as a result.
Hard at work, coloring the sheet.

Happy children after class with their coloring sheets.

Singing time with Junior.
Lesson handout.
Teaching the lesson.
Kisaaka play time.
Kisojo play time.
Children’s Bible Clubs closing service congregation on the first Sunday in February.
Handing out school supplies.

Preaching to the crowd that included eighteen parents of the Children’s Bible Class attenders, six visitors, and many regular adults and children.
At the invitation, seven adults were saved as well as five children.
These adults trusted Jesus Christ for their salvation.